Friday, November 06, 2015

News Article

I'm blogging this because it was fun and challenging
I was learning about literacy and how to make a news article 

Catchy headline
Past tense
No personal pronouns
Intro, body and conclusion (paragraphs) 
Direct speech
Different sentence starters/lengths
Good word choice
Personal goal : Write simple, compound and complex sentences correctly.

The Golden Gate Diamond Thief

On the 2th of March Australia. The London Bank got robbed by a thief. He stole The Golden Gate Diamond the police don't know who or why.

The police told the banker that the diamond was on water so banker took the police to a computer that had a tracked the diamond. The detectives looked around and then one of the detective saw how he did it. First he got a laser cutter to cut a hole in the glass roof. Next he dropped a rope that was tied onto an air vent and knocked out two janitors and put into a janitor closet went past everyone and stole the diamond.

The London police chief told the police to check the camera in the bank. But it looked like the thief had some help. The police had a hard time seeing who it was.

Police had found a fingerprint on a piece of glass. The man was Robben Bank. The police made a stake out at Robben’s home. It was 4am.  "It looks like Robben did not stay at home" the police said.

The police saw that his car was gone but as they were looking, one of their phones went off "Hey, I think I know where Robben’s car is.” His car was at the Pacific docks but the car had a trailer - no boat. Police went to the bank and told the banker that they were in the Pacific Ocean. The banker went to a computer that tracked the diamond. However, it could only track within the Pacific Ocean. All of the police went to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. "

As the police were coming they had a clear look at who was helping Robben. It was his brother Brooke Banks. Brooke and Robben were captured by the police. 

The diamond is now safe in the bank.

By Dylan

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