Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Math Task

Weight and Capacity

Four  problems to solve.

Think what balance scales look like (image a see-saw)
Draw five diagrams of different looking balance scales and put on each side what might be being weighed

A school bus has a 2600 kg carrying capacity,  How many people would it be permitted to carry?   (think about the difference of child and adult)

 72 child and 1 adult   1 child = 36kg    1 adult = l90 kg

50 child and 9 adult

10 child and 25 adult

I can see a selection of containers with a capacity bigger than 1 L but smaller than 2 L.  What might the containers be?

L 1.01 - L 1.99

Make three different packages that have a mass of 1 kg.  Compare the size of your packages and discuss why they can be so different but have the same mass.

The three things I chose was water, two cans of sweet corn and three baking powder.

The mass is different but the Weight is the same because the water that is in it might be heavier than the baking powder so it needs more than the water

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