Friday, September 04, 2015

Stan Walker

I'm blogging this because it was very challenging.
I was learning to write a report of Stan Walker

Success criteria

Structured well ( paragraph and subheadings )
Vocabulary ( beat words and a topic words )
Sentence ( variety of different sentence starter )
No personal pronouns
Details (added in lots of true information )
Punctuation ( helps the reader)

Stan Walker

Who he is
Stan Walker is a New Zealand artist that has a passion for his work. He was born on October 23rd 1990 in Melbourne Australia . His parents are Ross and April Walker.Walker is of Maori descent and is from the Tahoe and Ngati Tuwharetoa tribes in NZ. He grew up on a marae n Mount Maunganui.

Up bringing
Walker had a rough upbringing because his parents spent a lot of time in jail ( not at the same time). At the age of 15 he started to go to church. Church helped him and his passion for music. Church made him a 'good boy'. He went to Fairfield intermediate then went to  Hamilton boys high and boarded at New Plymouth Boys High School.

Australian Idol
Stan Walker went on the Australian Idol Show at the age of 19 in 2009, on the 22nd of November at the Sydney Opera House. Before he went on he was nervous one After all the votes had been tallied up the winner was Stan Walker and he got an artist development fund worth $200,000.

Award and Achievements
Stan Walker started his own company (Stan Walker Music Pty Ltd) that is run by his mother April. Walker's debut single Black Box, was released following his win of the Australian idol. The song was 2nd on the ARIA Singles chart and 1st on the NZ singles chart

Now he is 24 and his company is making more and more songs and maybe it will make some people do it to. He sings from the heart His passion for music makes a bright future for him.

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  1. Wow Dylan you did a great job with your report.

    Its great that you added lots of detail about Stan Walker.

    More people should comment on this because that's how good it is.