Friday, September 11, 2015

Stan Walker song

I'm blogger this because challenging and fun

I was learning about Syllables.

There’s a little black box, yeah, 7
somewhere in the ocean,6
holding all the truth about us.8
It’s a little black box,
a record of emotion,7
everything's that ever was.7

Syllables: 41

This is my version of black box by Stan Walker.

There's a little black fox yeah(7)
Somewhere in the bushes (6)
That's holding all the food for us(8)
It's a little black fox (6)
A record of our foot steps (7)
Everything was falling down(7)

You may deny it, deny it,8
but when I find it, find it,7
I’m gonna play it aloud to the world.10
A little black box, yeah.6
A little black box, yeah.6

Syllable: 37

 But now you started it, started it
But when I find you, find you
I'm gonna say aloud to the world
A little black fox, yeah
A little black fox, yeah

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