Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Holiday blog post

I yawned as I jump out of bed it was 12.00am , ( I stay up late ) it was a gloomy day I jump on the couch, as I was freezing. I watch Amy go to her friend place, 5 mins went by and Maggie was thinking what to do cause Minecraft was not working but it came to me Minecraft mod packs. I still don't know what to do but as Maggie was blowing up things I was going to Connor birthday. It went from 4 to 8 ( 4 hours ) and I was the second one there, 5 mins ago no one was there but now everyone is here.

 I was playing on Connor racing car and I was smashing everyone but I see Connor and his friend Playing on the will and blowing up stuff then Connor gave it to me. Next we did some challenge the first one was you Put on as meting t-shirt as you can it 30sin, I didn't win, when we started the next challenge we needed to eat some chocolate but we need to put on some stuff first and we ate one at a time but when someone roll a 6 put on the stuff and eat them one by one. At the end we all watch a movie and when back home.

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