Friday, August 28, 2015

Art plan

Art Plan
Later in the term, the whole school is taking part in a visual arts exhibition. You will have to make your own piece of visual art.


Success Criteria of the art
No larger than A3
Must be super high quality (your absolute personal best)
Must be a type of visual art
Must be aesthetically pleasing (it has to look good)
It must challenge you (aim high)

There is an example of how to do Task 2 on the wall.

Task 1
Discuss with your learning buddy about all of the different types of visual art (there are lots!).
Write 3 of them below.
1. 3D
2. Sketch
3. Pant

Task 2- Your plan

Please insert a picture of what your completed art will look like. (It will be either: an image from m internet, a google drawing or a rough draft).

Write a list of materials you will need.
If a material is not in the classroom, include how you will get it.

A3 White paper.
Paint ( Green, red, blue, yellow, Gray. )

Write a list of steps to take.
First Get an A3 piece of paper.
Next get a pencil and make a start on the outline of the Lego blocks .
Then paint it all the bricks.
Go over the pencil we've sharpie (and something under the paper. )
And all done.

I was learning about visual art.
I'm blogging this because I like Lego and I love art.

Fun Run

I look straight ahead and everyone was running so I ran. As people were falling behind I was catching up to Hugh but I didn't want to lose my energy so I stayed behind a little bit. We were on the last lap and Miss Hill was Ringing the bell for the last lap I speed up. Hugh and I were way ahead but I was falling behind but when Hugh jumped over the blue rugby pads he hit one but I didn't knew that he fall. I ran and ran and Hugh got back up and ran I waited at the finish for him but he still came 2nd GG ( good game. )

Friday, August 14, 2015

Jeff Thomson interview comprehension

JT Interview Comprehension
WALT Locate and Summarise Information

You will need Jeff Thomson’s interview with Jane to answer these questions. Make sure your answers are correctly punctuated.

What is Jeff’s main sculptural material? Corrugated iron

How did Jeff learn new techniques in sculpturing? He taught himself.

What kind of company did Jeff set up? Roofing company

What was Jeff’s ‘who’d have thought’ moment? One of these moment was sitting on the stage at the Berlin zoo with the prime minister.

How many projects does Jeff have on the go? 15

Write a question of your own for your learning buddy to answer.
What was his high school?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Music art

I'm blogging this because it was very fun.
I was learning about music notes and what they look like.

This is Alix and my music art

What we did was some music notes on a green background with light purple stripes.

We made it by drawing some music note and cutting then put it on a green background.

Next I put some purple stripes on and last I put on it all on a yellow paper.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Art Trail

I'm blogging this because it was very fun and challenging.
I was learning to use a map around the School
This my Art trail around Parkvale School

Art Trail around Parkvale School

A What is the book about on the R of the PRIDE wall? Castle

B What birds are on the bottom of the target wall? (This is the back of the PRIDE wall). Pukekos

C What letters are at South on the sun painted on the concrete? M and N

D What is Maui wearing around his neck in the painting? Taniwha

E How many blackbirds are there in the mural? 12

F What colours are the Pacific Islands design on the painting? Black, Brown,Orange,Tan.

G How has the Parkvale sign outside the school pool been created? Carved

H What colours are on the Rainbow Fish scales? Green,Blue,Turquoise,White,Purple and Red

I What is the answer to the number sentence on this mural? 4

J What kind of tree is painted on the hopscotch? Palms

K What letters are green outside Room 4? U

L What animal is sitting in the blue umbrella in the painting? Swan

M How many stars are on each piece of sewing art hanging in the office? 7

N What bird is on the Pohutakawa Hub logo? Tui

O What animal in on the Manuka Hub logo? Bee

P How many flowers are on the Kowhai Hub logo? 2

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Holiday blog post

I yawned as I jump out of bed it was 12.00am , ( I stay up late ) it was a gloomy day I jump on the couch, as I was freezing. I watch Amy go to her friend place, 5 mins went by and Maggie was thinking what to do cause Minecraft was not working but it came to me Minecraft mod packs. I still don't know what to do but as Maggie was blowing up things I was going to Connor birthday. It went from 4 to 8 ( 4 hours ) and I was the second one there, 5 mins ago no one was there but now everyone is here.

 I was playing on Connor racing car and I was smashing everyone but I see Connor and his friend Playing on the will and blowing up stuff then Connor gave it to me. Next we did some challenge the first one was you Put on as meting t-shirt as you can it 30sin, I didn't win, when we started the next challenge we needed to eat some chocolate but we need to put on some stuff first and we ate one at a time but when someone roll a 6 put on the stuff and eat them one by one. At the end we all watch a movie and when back home.