Monday, March 23, 2015

The Adventure P2

The adventure

“Help Help,” called Sam “come on Sam we need to make a home for the night “  so James got some wood off the ground and sam got some big leaves. So they put them to together and they made a home. The next day we looked around for a good tree so they can make a tree house then we saw it. and at night we made a fire, we try to make the treehouse for a week, yes that did count the days and they  have done the treehouse so for the 1st day in the treehouse they didn’t do good job james couldn’t get to sleep so james made a fire ( not on the treehouse ) and James fell asleep in the old home.

james woke up and start to make a bed for me but james woke up sam when he he was making a bed “what are you doing “ said sam “I’m making a bed” said james so james make a bed for sam too. One week later, the treehouse was awesome cause all day every day they were making it more awesomer but one day sam said “ maybe we sodei looking for home “ “OK” said james so they got some wood and made a path out of wood  but they fout something awesomer.

The end

To be continued

Friday, March 20, 2015

My special place

My Special place

Today I did a special place poem. What place I did, was was my bach because when I went to my batch I was happy.. here's my poem :).

Over the hill I saw a sign - 10km to Wellington.

Dad stopped the car and we waited for the boat .

Over the water we went, and we got a snack or 2.

We stop at my auntie Liz house for the night, Lachlan and I
stayed at Nathan home .( my cousin)

We went by the water and Lachlan vomited . :(

I saw Web St and saw all of my family.

I jumped out of the car.

I was home.  :)

The adventure

The adventure

Chapter 1

Ones there was a little kid name James. James was a normal kid but one day his dad came over and said to James " come on James get ready " but the thing was I didn't know what to get ready for. So I when inside and walk up to dad and said " get gadding for what " "no reason " so I walk back outside and I see in my room. "Honey start packing James's room " said dad, so mum stars walk to my pakes all my stuff so for camp. But I didn't know that we we're Going on camp. I went round back to the backyard and started playing. But then dad said "James get in the car " "why " but I when there . Then dad and mum said "suprisp" " what going on " I said " we are going on camp :). "But why my birthday is not for 10 days...

Chapter 2

We're going to a camp that I hadn't seen before so it was cool to go to a place that I hadn't seen then we stop at a little place but I sell didn't know why we we're here but dad told me we we're going to be at camp for 20 days so we can have my birthday at camp. It was fun all week ( so far ) all week we were playing game like rugby and tag but when it was raining we read all our books and at night we put up the fire and told funny jokes but when it was day 9 I was happy all we day we did fun stuff like rugby and we swam and I make a friend ( name Josh ). I tried to sleep but I couldn't so I went out to get same food but dad was out too, "James, what Are you doing out here" "I couldn't sleep, so I was going to get something to eat" " don't go, I get it,you go back to bed" so I jump into bed And waited for dad, but before dad got back I fell asleep.  When I woke up I was in the middle of nowhere what do I do but then I saw a another kid that hated no I what he was doing, we need to make a home...

The end

To be continued...

Monday, March 16, 2015


 The story of TP  

Once a kid name Liam Brown. Liam love school because it was the only place he had fun. At home he could go outside cause of Jack. Jack balling Liam all the time so he stayed in his room all day. 15 year later Liam was a scientist he was fascinated about black hole and he always wanted to see a black hole so he tried to made one on earth but it all went wrong he got stuck in into it. Now he is called TP. He is called TP cause it stand for teleport and he save the world.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Nui Water Sports Day

“Don’t be cold, don't be cold,” I said to myself as i'm walking to the pool but it was warmer than I thought. It was in pukeko 6 and our leader was james brown. We were doing relays, in the pool the 1st relays was when we needed to get the egg to than I thought the water on a soon I was in it (because odd went 1st but I need to came on),when it was my turn I  . Next  was when we ( I didn't do it ) push a ball we've our nose and more but in the end we got a free swim.( I don’t know who won.)

v me