Thursday, August 28, 2014

Production Diary

Dear Diary, let me introduce myself. My name is Dylan and my role in the production is the warrior dance. So far we have all the lighting and . Tomorrow we are going to be getting all the costumes on. When Mr C said that I had to have no T-shirt I got very


Dear Diary today we had the costumes on but for the boy had ½ a costumes because we had no T-shirt. In the morning most of us got a moko on our face. When we got them on it was cold and wet. After we all got our mokos we needed to get changed into our costumes,so the boy going to room 7 and the girl went to room 10. As I get change I see people jumping around. I get my piupiu on I see connor looking at me and say “ that suits you.” Next I walked around I saw Jordan with black lipstick, LOL. W vasdhen I stopped laughing I looked outside, I see all the girl going to the hall but then we catch up, as I fight the cold Mr C needed to get inside and finell get into room 3. I waited to we got inside. Gase then I jump into black and waited some more. Gaurav so nervous but he does it.
Dear Diary today we got ICE BLOCK! and tomorrow we might get more ICE BLOCK but I also had to swop we with JJ and I was lacking because when I swop with JJ I went into my school uniform so I did had  T-shirt. as waited in line I look around and I see my little sister. but as I wait to go on I render that I get a ICE BLOCK so I did the best I can, and did I get a ICE BLOCK? YES (you

Dear Diary last night we did the production in front of all the people. As I waited I got more nervous but I stepped up and did it. I walked on and all the people were watching me. As I finished my dance I got down but then I needed to do the next one.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

beep test

Today we went out to do a beep test and I got 7.3 and I want to get to 9 or 10.3. a beep test is when you run to a cone that is 20m, and it goes beep. If you are not at a cone when it goes beep you lost's a live. you get 3 live's. there is stages so I stages 7.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Refleciton Ihaia

Today room 7 saw Ihaia he told as about what school did he go to and lost of stuff. Ihaia was a cricket player in school and he was not good at ever-thing but p.e.